To Write A Book

My friend, no name, asked me for advice on how to write a book.
“Man, writing a book is hard!” He stated.
“No it’s not!” I replied.
He looked stunned then said:
“How do you get past writer’s block? I’ve come to a point where I don’t know what else to write.”
I sipped my beer then said:
“It’s best not to believe in writer’s block. The best thing to do is to just keep writing. Even if everything you write looks like gibberish. Don’t worry about the end result. Nothing is permanent. You can always make changes later.”
“Yeah I guess.” He nodded but still looked stunned.
“There’s no magic key to writing a book. Let alone a book that becomes a bestseller. The writing muscle must first be exercised. Write something everyday! Oh and read lots of books! Read as much as you can, whenever possible. Reading is the foundation that nurtures every great writer!”
I finished my beer then smiled.
He chugged his bottled water then said:
“Well, I guess I better get started.” He then hopped in his car and drove off into the unknown.


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