Expediency damns you! You and your hostile takeover. What once was right is now wrong. Among other things… yes.

Incite no one. Mock the barrier. Mock the observer. Mock the gift giver. Mock the status quo. Mock the affluent ammunition.

Most of us have no real clue as to who we are or where we come from. Sure, you have relatives just as much as anyone else but our relatives are but a small fraction of our origins. Inherit your wisdom.

Inside the human brain lies so much untapped potential. Are we all opposed to intelligence? It certainly seems that way.

Protest if you must but do it peacefully and open-heartedly. We must all exercise our right to free speech!

I excite/incite no one in particular. This world we live on doesn’t need our negativity. The planet will continue to exist with or without us.

Love and be love. Love and spread love.

Exit the warrior.




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