Infinite Love

  Derision is not always truth or truth laced. Alive we feel daily; even when no one acknowledges their own breath.
  Tears. Tears. Selfish.
  Humans are wonderful & beautiful.
  Open up the wisdom box. How much longer must we deny!
  Beauty surrounds us.
  Beauty is within.
  Beauty is us!!
  We cannot escape fate’s cosmic wheel.
  Believe. This path is certain.
  Interconnection is real.
  Interconnectedness does not divide. It cannot divide.
  Only we Humans can setup falsities and illusions.
  Only we Humans believe in all the negativity that sprouts from duality. Why?
  It’s but a construct. All is a construct.
  Figment. Figment.
  Be kind and never doubt your own expansively wonderful potential!
  Have faith. Be faith.
  Acknowledge that which you’ve ignored for too long.
  Impossible is only a word.
  The Universe loves us.
  The Universe believes in us.
  The Universe exists because of us.
  Let us no longer deny the infinite LOVE that surrounds us and binds us together!


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