I was recently interviewed by my friend and fellow writer Lisa Amaya. 🙂

Life of an El Paso Woman


By Lisa Amaya

El Paso author Ryan A. Loera stays very busy with writing electronic books (e-books) and magazine pieces for his new online magazine (e-zine), “Orangutan Spin.”

Loera recently self-published his latest e-book “Fragrant” on lulu.com The web site describes the book as an experimental novel based on factual truth and change. Loera’s latest e-book costs $14.50.

“I usually write about all things pertaining to human existence. I just find the entirety of existence very intriguing. People really fascinate me, Loera said.”

Besides writing and publishing e-books, Loera recently founded “Orangutan Spin.” The e-zine features poetry, short stories, articles, reviews, art and recipes. It has already been downloaded hundreds of times so far. It’s also earning a lot of positive feedback from readers. The e-zine’s title originates from a dance move Loera created in eighth grade.

“It (the dance move) never caught on because I was the only one…

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