Moon Landing II

The moon speaks to me sometimes. Its beams shoot down through my brain and cause me to ponder many things. Do any of us truly belong here? If so… why are we here?
How connected are we to the Earth’s axis? Whenever I look down at the soil I can’t help but imagine all the previous civilizations that looked down upon the same soil. We tend to forget that the Roman Empire has been long gone for centuries. Yet, its influence is still very much alive today.
Back then everyone believed that Rome would eventually dominate the world. Well, almost everyone. To me, the ignorant masses that existed then have lots in common with the ignorant masses that exist today. But I suppose that is something that every civilization must inevitably contend with.
That is why we now have such an over saturation of technological devices. I mean let’s face it… no one person needs to own fifteen slightly modified versions of the same basic smartphone. Sure we have the right to own whatever we want to own but at some point such needless materialism becomes a hindrance. By hindrance I mean it holds us back from developing things that could be much more beneficial to mankind.
Such as free energy devices or solar powered vehicles. Nikola Tesla is someone who tried to accomplish such a feat. He came very very close. It was the greedy JP Morgan that stopped him dead in his tracks.
I urge everyone to read up on Nikola Tesla!
The moon causes me to ponder such things. But I ponder them anyway. The moon is but one of many catalysts.
I believe more of us need to ponder the extent of our existence. There is more to us than our physical bodies. Yes, our bodies allow us to do many things but they do not define our core essence.
I’m not saying I understand the workings of any core essence but I do believe in one.
Perhaps all will become clearer once I land on the moon. If I land on the moon.

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015



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