The Conversation

“We’re all insane!”
I shouted. My glass was empty.
“Yes! I know we all are!”
Julie agreed with me. She refilled her glass then refilled mine.
“This wine is really great! Is it that same merlot you mentioned yesterday?” I said.
“Yes it is. I got it from Martha’s Vineyard. It’s been in the fridge for four months.”
Julie moved closer to me on the sofa.
The floral pattern seemed to hypnotize me.
“So… I just finished reading a biography on Vincent Van Gogh and it turns out he may not have been as insane as people thought.”
I stated and placed my hand on Julie’s right shoulder. She was wearing a very intoxicating perfume.
“Oh? Really? He’s the one that painted Starry Night correct?” She sipped from her glass.
I placed my glass on the mahogany table to the left and yawned. Yawned and stretched.
“Are you tired?” Julie asked.
“No… well somewhat tired. I was up ‘till 5 am last night writing the last chapter of my novel.”
I rubbed my eyes and smiled.
“I thought you wrote the last chapter two weeks ago.” Julie scratched her forehead.
“Yeah I did but then I started adding more to it. More description, more dialogue.”
I closed my eyes for a second then reopened them.
“So, how many pages is it now?” She asked.
“Uh… around 660 pages.”
I replied and yawned a good yawn.
“I look forward to reading it. What have you titled it?” Julie turned me around and began massaging my shoulders.
“Haven’t decided on a title yet. Perhaps I’ll title it No Title.” My eyelids grew heavy. Julie’s massage really relaxed my joints.
“Well, the title can wait for now. Just get some sleep. Close your eyes and sleep.”
I did as she requested. I drifted off into a deep slumber.
When I awoke, Julie was gone. She had been gone for some time before then. Cancer took her from me. Though, I still have regular conversations with her.
She lives on within my heart and soul.

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015



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