She Picks

She picks her nose. She picks it often.
Her favorite day to pick it is Sunday. The Lord’s Day.
While most people change into their Sunday best to go to mass… she changes into her Sunday best to pick her nose.
She starts off slow and gentle. Sometimes she lights a vanilla scented candle beforehand. She says it adds something extra to the moment.
Do not be confused by my description. I assure you I am not using any kind of metaphor when I say she picks her nose.
She thoroughly enjoys it.
Sex has never been much of a concern to her. Nose picking gives her far more satisfaction.
When she picks her nose she gets lost.
Lost in time, lost in space, lost in the simple act of picking her nose.
She says her soul merges with the entire Universe when she picks. She becomes one with everything.
To her it is a divine blessing.
She is not a whore or heretic!
She is a nose-picker.
And she is damn proud of it!

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015



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