Existence Potential

Potential potential shall
Turn the sofa built luxury
Queen rises rudimentary realism
So currents flow against ether
Rented reasonable rooms rite
Speech of less men instigate
Warts removed as subtle groups
Joy called in to order shame
Bounce big benign retort balls
End in solitude life front I
Carve worry into limestone
Millenium man seeks no one
Fame destitute remote body
Soul discretion stubs matter
You won’t define me ever
Less job less coinage free
What about feeding the hungry
Turmoil pole political puppets
Gotta’ be true even if death
Beatings not perverse bonded
Eye open wheels energy feel
Field the melee flux trojan
Rome fell down down
U.S.A. is not eternal
Physicality must be respected
Flush your weapons and odor
Zombify existence we have
All Illusions will will Shatter
Moment by moment by moment
Homosapiens are Unique, powerful
Throw out Your Television & Start experiencing

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015




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