Ryan A. Loera-writer/author/poet

Welcome to the blog of Ryan A. Loera! I’ve written many articles, poems, short stories, essays and reviews. I’ve also published 17 print books and countless Ebooks.
For more info and to download my ebooks visit loera.jigsy.com


3 thoughts on “Ryan A. Loera-writer/author/poet

  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate the feedback! I’ve been trying for months to get a writer’s group started out here, but I’m running into some opposition – the hosting library is the only library that would agree to hold the group and they wouldn’t even give us actual space. Other libraries don’t get back to me, and I don’t know anyone here who writes to try to help spread the word and find other writers who may be interested.

    With any luck you’ll decide you want to come out. If you know of anyone else in the area who wants to go to a peer review group, let me know? In the meantime, when I get more than a couple minutes to myself, I’ll give your e-books a go. Thanks again!

    • I too have tried to start my own writers group. It’s easier said than done in El Paso. But I remain optimistic. I even setup a Facebook page/group called PEP Poets Encouraging Poets but it’s slow going. I’ll do my best to make it to your next meetup. I do have a couple friends who might be interested but not sure what their schedules are like. One friend, Lisa, also has a blog lifeofanelpasowoman.wordpress.com

      Check it out when you can.
      And yes please feel free to download and share my ebooks.

      -Ryan 🙂

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