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Fragrant – an experimental novel by Ryan Loera


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I find it quite interesting how much technology allows us to interact with each other. I know some would say that it hinders that one on one communication that human beings tend to rely on. That is partly true. There have been times when I’ve tried to express a certain opinion or idea to someone in person and they still don’t have a clue about what I’ve said. So, for me, I feel that technology is a much better way for me to share my opinions and ideas to a much larger audience and because of that I usually tend to get responses from the right people. The ones who know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s face it, we can only share certain pieces of ourselves without being ridiculed. The rest is reserved for those who resonate on the same frequency and not only understand our thought process but live it everyday. Even as I type this, I am wanting to share all of my accumulated knowledge with the entire population. What’s stopping me? Nothing really. Nothing other than the fact that I am still searching for more like-minded people. Will I ever find/connect with enough people in order to share and inspire? Who knows. Maybe I already have and just haven’t given it much thought. Maybe there are hundreds or thousands of people who read my writings/posts everyday but just would rather remain completely anonymous. I guess even if just one person can comprehend my innate ramblings then that person will pass along my message to ten people who will also understand and those ten people will pass it along to ten more people; and so on. And who’s to say that they haven’t already. Anonymity is one of the most attractive qualities about the internet. So, to all those that read this and my other works  I thank you. To all those who have already read my stuff and passed it along  I thank you. And to all those that remain silent and anonymous but read my stuff everyday  I thank you.

“Human beings are fickle creatures.” -Unknown Philosopher