Revolt Music!

Click the link to listen to my band’s 4 song EP! Our songs will also be played on local El Paso, TX radio station KLAQ this Sunday! Tune in if you can.


The Free EP by Pythagoras300

Download your copy of The Free EP today!
*Includes cool bonus items with each download.

Liner Notes Included With My Album Early Man

What manner of genetics do you come from? Smell the poison of love. We all need love. Yes… we all need it.

Bear logic is not always the right logic. Sometimes I swear I am not human. I like to believe I was raised by super intelligent wolves.

I allow time to ameliorate me. Cram your self into geological myths.
Is there sunshine on the moon? Just thought I’d ask.

It’s not every day the human condition evades you. Defy everything!

I refuse to believe in brutally blind violence! Human lives must come first and foremost.

Yet, we esconce familiarity.

Platonic by Pythagoras300

My second album, Platonic, is ready to be heard and downloaded! * Bonus items include cover photo and pdf of my self published book titled Atrophied Wound! 🙂