My New Review Blog!


My new review blog is up and running! 🙂


Now You can Live Anywhere in the World with the Solar and Wind Powered Ecocapsule

Live in your very own solar and wind powered Ecocapsule!

An invention like this could solve homelessness in a very short amount of time! 🙂


Welcome to the New Official Orangutan Spin Podcast! at El Paso, TX – SoundCloud

Listen to Welcome to the New Official Orangutan Spin Podcast! at El Paso, TX by orangutanspin #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to the new official Orangutan Spin Podcast! Also includes movie review of Whiplash.

I Don’t Like Bananas (Preview of New Kids Story)

Here’s a short excerpt/preview of my upcoming kid friendly book/ebook titled I Don’t Like Bananas!

Do you like bananas? I don’t like bananas. In fact, I hate bananas! Well, maybe hate is a strong word but I definitely do not like bananas.
There was a time when I did like them. I liked them a lot! One of my favorite afternoon snacks involved slicing and dicing a banana into very small pieces and covering them in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It was like an ice cream sundae without the ice cream. That’s right… I’m not a big fan of ice cream either. That’s a whole other story.
This story is about how I learned to dislike bananas. It may seem like nonsense to you but to me it totally makes sense.
I have no intention of making you change your mind about bananas. I just figured you and others could learn something from my own unusual experience.
My name is Leroy and this is my story.