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Things & Such

Chapter 1

What manner of genetics do you come from? Smell the poison of love. We all need love. Yes… we all need it.

Bear logic is not always the right logic. Sometimes I swear I am not human. I like to believe I was raised by super intelligent wolves.

I allow time to ameliorate me. Cram your self into geological myths.
Is there sunshine on the moon? Just thought I’d ask.

It’s not every day the human condition evades you. Defy everything!

I refuse to believe in brutally blind violence! Human lives must come first and foremost.

Yet, we esconce familiarity.

Chapter 2

If we completely understood physics there would be no need for progress. Most politicians are numb to the natural world. All religions are the same. Keep denying self denial.

It is time to embrace commonality and universality.

Investigations and theory romance your didactic spirit. The mind is quite powerful. It is a great form of transportation.

Embrace the fold. If one recognizes spiders yearly the living conditions which situations of language set for questions of genuine interest substitute an exclusively linguistic investigation for that of traditional metaphysics is not hard to understand quiet and quite hardened. As though cellophane responds to our deniability.

Chapter 3

Don’t rely on silly dogma. Most of us are not so romantically inclined to follow the fray. Kind cantankerous lonely man episodes his monkey’s butt lost Eagle laments over tacos.

Reviews are so purposefully abusive. Do you believe that a man can change? Do you believe a man can change his underwear with one arm tied behind his back? Connect to everything you are afraid of.

Ion license you just like you unlicence me. There was never a good time within this old time. Still I tried to make her see me
for what I truly am. Still I tried to make her love me.

I do not write for accolades. I do not write for endless bowls of tortilla soup. I write because the universe wills it.

Your shadow can be quite the instigator. So, crack open that soft skull.

Chapter 4

Let us not forget to honor thy mother and father. It states thusly betwixt the ancient Aramaic text that all first born caterpillars must conduct a grand symphony orchestra.
She abused me and we abused each other. Your voice is not cancerous. Disinfect malignant moral apathy.

The witty hand poked my plan. Twas an egregious finality. To speak her name… floral displays peered their weary heads behind us and the saxophonist. There was no music to be heard or composed. She explained some vapid explanation on the color of roses and the style of clothes before and after Labor Day. There was no feasible outcome to circumvent.

What an attention span you must have to be reading this farcical contradiction!

Paint your gladness the color of time. These things will absorb you.

Chapter 5

Nothing is solid, we are all energy. The linguistic competence of analytic route was of crucial importance for positivism for providing an account of non empirical and certain characters of logical mathematical knowledge without an essential appeal to metaphysical first principles or abstract entities like concepts or ideas.

Drip cold ceaseless morn love spacious senility granted unto me 8 ways to view this pernicious world, hopeful hateful grateful joyful annoyed happily stoic appreciative in the cold surrendered to the deep melancholic fog. I abide by no punctuation.

Things and such, things and such. Oh how we do love things and such!

Chapter 6

Must we always run away from that blind muskrat? Wavelength wavelength. I know I am NOT the only one hope who serves such mechanical diversions.

Electromagnetic induction can be traced back to investigations made over a century ago with the development of the transformer fall out about 1884 but now its a self current and conducting materials when subjected to an alternating magnetic field these currents are more or less objectionable then and no attempt was made to utilize them in 1906 however the first use of eddy current heating was introduced as a means of melting metals in 1916 dr. EF Northrup began his experiments of using current at higher frequencies which led to the development of induction melting furnaces then in rapid succession other improvements were made so that today high-frequency induction heating as a process finds broad uses in the middle metal working industry.

Past LaxPower flex it was this moment in time when none of us had any idea what time was; this riddle. If you look back to say the Jurassic era there was no quantifiable means of supporting any sort of socially responsible mutagen.

Chapter 7

Now of course we take everything for granted. I mean it’s not like we’re all rich people or poor people or starving people or, perhaps we are poor and starving. When was the last time any politician actually showed that he cared about the common man?

They are all bastards, they are all bastards and they know they are bastards. Their only true agenda is greed and the mass proliferation of propaganda.

I do not write this for my own benefit far from it. I write this for the benefit of all mankind.

Visit your local library. Visit the library and check out all the books that you can carry. Read those books, devour them! Knowledge is true power!

Visualize hermetic super models bathing in the local water tower. Don’t they seem lost?

Chapter 8

Crazy Horse was not as crazy as you believe. General Custer was indeed an arrogant man. He paid his karma faster than he had hoped.

Was Helen of Troy really so beautiful? Or was her beauty just another form of propaganda?

We reuse and rehash history. Then we forget about it for a while and then act surprised when it repeats once more.

Fuck you and your president! He doesn’t know you he doesn’t care for you! All he wants to do is fuck you over and over and over.

Big tits bleeding half-heartedly over Equinox aligned dirts shit complex and banana fuck. Go avoiding crap and shittin lovely stains on the carpet open sores crap you like to eat cats.

Chapter 9

Remember now there is no such thing as dementia. Most of us are cosmically inclined to never accept help from anybody. You misunderstood that bible verse.

Yet again we cause and avoid confrontation.

Cold how we aren’t avoiding one another no matter we’ll see how come of our pathetic empathic nihilistic point of view. Tacos with spice sex with strippers bye bye bye start ups movie. She chokes all of us in the cold weather.

She often sits side by side during moist retellings of popular fables. Existence is quite the lark.


We all live in a state of perpetual inebriation. There are too many god forsaken bars in every town! Why are there more Starbucks locations than libraries?

The velvet rope is a self-adhesive paradox.

Chapter 10

All the books I read are more kind to me than superficial human beings. Duh duh duh.

Right here is where I’d like to address the nation but will the nation listen?

I have a friend who believes everything is colder than a nun’s penis. I tell him nun’s don’t have penises. Still he remains adamant in his belief.

There are no opposites. Everything is the same even if it’s different. Nobody said that this rug set the one she loves poems to a forest meadow getting outside will just throw the jet skis in the back of the trailer it up to the rest where fear dissolves. Can you see how good this looks like everything?

What the hell are you talking about?

Chapter 11

Fuck your money. Fuck your knowledge. Reproduce the official bounty of excruciating excrement. Your prophet has become transgender.

It smells of Ben Gay. Why must my roommate be so blatantly distorted!

I’m not going to be a little late. Not gonna sell out. Not gonna sell out to your corporate machine.

That tongue in your mouth can only sound out red vowels. We eat eggs like no other food exists. Don’t worry about the sunset. The linguistic competence of analytic men isn’t perfect.

Yes, the sun will implode in 100 million years. There’s not much we can do to alter that.

Instagram is really just a digital brothel.

Chapter 12

If tchaikovsky cropped the official bounty of excruciating climate change then we would disintegrate behind black instrumental packages.

Your doctor ain’t no rapist. He’s a materialist, the worst kind. He doesn’t even own a decent set of scrubs but he owns five sports cars and four vacation homes.

Fill your body with love and light. Ignore those backstabbing bastards. They are friend to no one.

Go back. We didn’t bet its just a rebound new release exact score app regards to this picture not going into stands but too maybe someday you are going to become something after I understand that Spanish metaphysical metaphor.

Life of Pi underestimate solitude asked worrisome platypus. Do you drift along denial banks like cartoon characters washing potato sacks in bleach buckets?

Chapter 13

In Tucson, I met a muskrat named Philly. He had an iron-ic willy. By the age of nine he became a drunken asshole. Though, now he is quite responsible.

Off the wall means out of sight but not out of mind. I read somewhere that Disney movies are cleverly disguised soft core porno films.

An open sore sang to me last night.

Someone should really tell Jennifer Lawrence that she is my future baby’s mama. Even if she already knows.

Don’t get high on Spokane absorptive consequences. Along each route there are short stations and shorter stations.

Chapter 14

Solitude my only friend embraces me yet again. And I embrace it.

You are so anticipated and anxiety ridden. Just allow the universe to elate you.

I prefer to surround myself with comedians.

Capitalism doesn’t create prosperity so much as the illusion of prosperity.

Life is for living and not for worrying. We should all read more poetry!