Revolt Music!

Click the link to listen to my band’s 4 song EP! Our songs will also be played on local El Paso, TX radio station KLAQ this Sunday! Tune in if you can.


Song of the Day “Alter Bridge – Open Your Eyes”

Song of the Day:
Open Your Eyes by Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge has been one of my top ten favorite bands for over ten years. The guitarist, drummer and bassist are ex-members of mainstream rock band Creed. During Creed’s first hiatus sometime in the early 2000s, they decided to form a new band with a new and more classically trained singer. They got what they were looking for with vocalist Myles Kennedy.

This song, Open Your Eyes, makes Creed seem like a very distant event.

Korn Flakes


I came across this satirical photo on Facebook and decided to share it. I used to listen to Korn a lot back in the mid 1990s and early 2000s. I thoroughly enjoyed their first four albums but then lost interest once they started experimenting with a lot of techno drum beats and repetitive synthesizers. But hey… they are now multimillionaires and have the freedom to record whatever the hell they wanna record.
One of my best teenage memories took place at a Korn concert. I met lots of cool and interesting people. I also lost a friend in the mosh pit but that’s a whole other story.
🙂 \m/

Platonic by Pythagoras300

My second album, Platonic, is ready to be heard and downloaded! * Bonus items include cover photo and pdf of my self published book titled Atrophied Wound! 🙂