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Recently my digital converter box thingy crapped out on me and is no longer able to power on. Apparently that particular model has some major flaws which were never revealed to the public. The main one is that it overheats too easily  which causes its parts to corrode and wear out. I will admit that I cursed the heavens once I realized I could no longer watch my favorite shows but then I analyzed the situation. Then came to the conclusion that most television networks have been force-feeding us crap for years. Everyone knows that there really is no need for these mindless self-indulgent atrocities we call “reality shows.” And scripted shows have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. Now, I suppose there are maybe one or two truly great programs on each channel. But in the end they really do not serve much of a purpose other than to lull us into a state of apathy and misguidance. So, with that being said, I am currently on a TV Strike! It’s been 3 days so far; I’ve been occupying myself with much more creative and stimulating endeavors such as: Painting, Drawing, Reading, Playing music, Writing music, Working on my short stories, Working on my auto-biography, and Spending time with friends and family. I really see no reason for me to miss watching television. And I suppose I never really had a reason to watch television in the first place. I think everyone should try going on a TV Strike at some point in their everyday existence. It’s really not as necessary as we may think. 🙂