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Hello! I am currently seeking someone to help me sell everything I create. This includes original books, ebooks, artwork and music. Of course, I’ve always made sure to promote my work on all social media outlets but there’s only so much that I can do on my own.

At this point in my life, I have no other means of income. I am 100% focused on every book I write, every song I record and every painting I paint. I see every creative project through to the end.

Whomsoever decides to help me sell/promote my original creations will receive a percentage of all sales. I live in El Paso, TX but it’s not necessary for such a person to live in the same city as me. All that would be required is for said person to have regular access to the internet and a paypal account or some other way of receiving payments.

(If you do happen to live in El Paso, TX then we could definitely have regular face to face meetings.)

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San Andreas Movie Review by Ryan A. Loera

Today, Sunday, I visited my local Cinemark Tinseltown Theatres in El Paso, TX. When I got there I couldn’t decide what to watch. I hoped Jurassic World was already showing but nope not until June 12th. So, I decided to watch San Andreas. It stars Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario and Paul Giamatti.

Dwayne Johnson plays Ray- a search and rescue helicopter pilot with lots of military experience. Carla Gugino plays Emma- Ray’s estranged ex-wife. Alexandra Daddario plays Blake- their precocious daughter.

The movie opens with Ray doing what he does best, saving someone in need. It then segues to a scene with Paul Giamatti- Seismologist/Professor at Caltech lecturing students on the history of earthquakes. He warns that the state of California is long overdue for a huge cataclysmic earthquake.

Soon after, tectonic plates shift and the San Andreas Fault Line tears apart everything and everyone in its path. Most of the acting is average at best. Of course, there are lots of amazing and expensive looking CGI scenes to appease the masses.

In my opinion, the real stand out performance comes from Alexandra Daddario as Blake. She embodies beauty, brains, determination and an iron clad will to survive.

Having been born and raised in the Los Angeles, CA area I’ve experienced my fair share of earthquakes. They can be quite scary and life altering but it does help to be prepared.

San Andreas mentions plenty of emergency preparedness tips. Such as using a rotary phone connected to a land line when cell phone towers are rendered inoperable. It’s also a good idea to have fresh water and non-perishable food readily available.

I rarely watch natural disaster themed movies but San Andreas delivers what it promises… EARTH SHAKING ACTION!

On a scale from one tamale to ten tamales I give San Andreas 5.5 tamales.
(Mmmm tamales.)




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In The Beginning

In the beginning, there were no toilets. People were forced to defecate on sidewalks and near government buildings. Sure, nobody enjoyed taking big long brown dumps in front of each other but there was no alternative.
Until a man named Harry Clump had an epiphany one humid afternoon. He turned to his wife Mary and said: “Hey! What if someone created a place where people could defecate in private!”
“Whadda’ ya’ mean? You can’t just devote one place entirely to the act of defecation! Besides, people are perfectly happy with defecating anywhere they want to.” Mary had just finished taking a pretty big dump on a bush in the local park.
“I’m not so sure about that, Mary. I mean… I believe people are yearning to know what it feels like to be able to defecate behind closed doors.” Harry took out a notebook and a pencil and began sketching something.
“Huh? You mean like pooping in one’s own bedroom? Some people already do that, Harry.” Mary watched Harry draw something circular.
A minute later, Harry finished his sketch and held it up over his head.
“Behold! The Defecation Booth!” He exclaimed.
“The what?” Asked Mary.
“The Defecation Booth! You see, people will enter this cubicle and sit down on a chair-like thing that has a hole in the middle. Then they can defecate all they want in complete privacy! It’s genius I tell ya’! We’re gonna’ be rich, Mary!” Harry jumped up and down with excitement.
“Oh I dunno’, Harry. It sounds pretty dumb to me.” Replied Mary.
Two weeks later, Harry died from explosive diarrhea. Mary eventually sold his idea to a scientist/engineer for $100 and a coupon for one free taco at Pancho’s Tacos.
The scientist/engineer perfected the design ten years later and named it after himself. His name is Dr. John Stall Toilet. Today, he is the fourth richest man in the world. Right behind the guy that invented disposable diapers.
So, there you have it. The origins, more or less, of the toilet.
The rest, as you know, is… defecation.

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015

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Moon Landing II

The moon speaks to me sometimes. Its beams shoot down through my brain and cause me to ponder many things. Do any of us truly belong here? If so… why are we here?
How connected are we to the Earth’s axis? Whenever I look down at the soil I can’t help but imagine all the previous civilizations that looked down upon the same soil. We tend to forget that the Roman Empire has been long gone for centuries. Yet, its influence is still very much alive today.
Back then everyone believed that Rome would eventually dominate the world. Well, almost everyone. To me, the ignorant masses that existed then have lots in common with the ignorant masses that exist today. But I suppose that is something that every civilization must inevitably contend with.
That is why we now have such an over saturation of technological devices. I mean let’s face it… no one person needs to own fifteen slightly modified versions of the same basic smartphone. Sure we have the right to own whatever we want to own but at some point such needless materialism becomes a hindrance. By hindrance I mean it holds us back from developing things that could be much more beneficial to mankind.
Such as free energy devices or solar powered vehicles. Nikola Tesla is someone who tried to accomplish such a feat. He came very very close. It was the greedy JP Morgan that stopped him dead in his tracks.
I urge everyone to read up on Nikola Tesla!
The moon causes me to ponder such things. But I ponder them anyway. The moon is but one of many catalysts.
I believe more of us need to ponder the extent of our existence. There is more to us than our physical bodies. Yes, our bodies allow us to do many things but they do not define our core essence.
I’m not saying I understand the workings of any core essence but I do believe in one.
Perhaps all will become clearer once I land on the moon. If I land on the moon.

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015