I Don’t Like Bananas (Preview of New Kids Story)

Here’s a short excerpt/preview of my upcoming kid friendly book/ebook titled I Don’t Like Bananas!

Do you like bananas? I don’t like bananas. In fact, I hate bananas! Well, maybe hate is a strong word but I definitely do not like bananas.
There was a time when I did like them. I liked them a lot! One of my favorite afternoon snacks involved slicing and dicing a banana into very small pieces and covering them in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It was like an ice cream sundae without the ice cream. That’s right… I’m not a big fan of ice cream either. That’s a whole other story.
This story is about how I learned to dislike bananas. It may seem like nonsense to you but to me it totally makes sense.
I have no intention of making you change your mind about bananas. I just figured you and others could learn something from my own unusual experience.
My name is Leroy and this is my story.