Mila buddy recommend anyone else coming to it on the truck equipment & systems what you finished solitaire visuals the objective ham cheese squeezed everything into uh I become his mission that would require less than 7 to go out Kim heading mean will be watching the images navigation screen tablet contain too close.

5 minutes to intercept satham maybe it’s Heatseeker she said how about couldn’t engines you shoulda said before saying was at 900 kilometers is too far out for heat seeker and wait that would be pretty primitive stuff for somebody who doesn’t need reaction mass no such thing as a visual lock on us this will keep trying that two clocks posted one keeping track of time to intercept the other about 10 minutes behind the time to jump to the lady came on line.



Thoreau -Track 10 of 14 from album Screw Perfection – SoundCloud

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Digest local motions unfounded and undeserving of answers fortunate daze. Stunt the gladness book gazer funny. Hilarious the way you see into the non-future with your robust thumb turnips. Gonna’ be a fly and zip beyond your sweet regicide.
Like a king without a kingdom and a creature without a swamp. Drown in oils and sandalwood to achieve that imperfect versed banality. Paper manipulates relationships and just gets the government involved in someone’s personal prowess. Why you gotta’ fester outside underneath boiled celery stalks?
Music reanimates these provoked fictions. Digestion mustn’t be taken for granted. Any longer, no longer.

On the toilet romance abounds. Literature suffers because we cause it to suffer. It is not some multiplied divisional form of abandonment. Cheer up, in the inevitable end we shall all return to our truest sentience. Matter of factly.

You see we occupy this era in these physical vessels, bodies, for a reason. We are meant to learn, grow, absorb, discover, create, love, breathe. How else can the soul evolve?